I realllly really mean it this time...

Why is everything insane?

Is the moon aligning with some far off star in the fifth house of the seventh setting sun?

Are the leaves falling up?

Has the drifting finally felled my shaking house of leaves?

Why does my inside feel like Christopher Carrion (pictured left)

What the fuck?

My Corporate job is giving me 1/2 of what I want - And I am soo happy

My non-profit gig is maybe about to go under for real owing me thousands of dollars.

All of this has happened in the last 24 hours
Oh and by the way thanks to some fantastical SNAFU w/ the bank - My rent is gonna be late and I might end up having to see the ghetto loansharks to help me out til the end of next week since the bank is so freakin f'd up.


If you have any thoughts, advice, feelings, monetary donations - feel free to contact me asap. in the meantime I will be sorting what is left of my cds and books getting ready to sell all the non-essentials off this weekend in the hopes of having enough to cover rent - shhhhhh - don't tell the utilities that they might have to wait.

And if you know anyone who could afford 1 massage a month - I'm looking to book at least 10 a month - mostly available evenings Mon-Thurs, and anytime Fri-Sun. If I can get that set up with 10 rotating clients on a monthly - It would help.

ok anything would help right now

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