"Let's be real - you're pushing thirty..."

Uh huh - guess who had the balls to say that to me? - the "I'm gonna be 18 in 53 days" lil wench who happens to be 574.06 miles away right now and so she is safe starting statements like that. She thinks she will not provoke me into beating her ass. That just because we happen to be related it will somehow save her from being sent out into the cold to cut herself a switch, and then beaten with it. Just because she is young and my favorite of her generation and we have a strange mother-daughter like relationship - it will stay my hand - she is wrong and one of these nights I will sneak out to her house (a mere 9hrs 10mins away) and scare the hell out of her. Maybe I'll just jump out screaming "STABBYSTABBYSTABBYSTABBYFUCKINGSTABBY STABBYSTABBYSTABBY FUCKING STABBY!!!"

OK I feel better. Just plotting her demise (really ways to scare her and make her scream) makes me feeeeeeeel better.

PS She was justifying why she will never have kids - "cause she is just like me, and hell I'm almost thirty and no kids or hubby..."

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Anonymous said...

I love you a lot 0:-)