Fuck you

There is horrible & by that I mean a 9 year old girl - ahem, NINE YEAR OLD GIRL, raped by her stepfather since she was as young as six, ahem RAPED SINCE SHE WAS SIX YEARS OLD.  & then there is more horrible - she was found to be pregnant after complaining of stomach pains.  Just so we are clear here: A NINE YEAR OLD GIRL RAPED BY HER STEPFATHER IS PREGNANT WITH TWINS.  The child's body cannot carry the babies to term.  The child's going to die if the pregnancy is not terminated.  She meets the restrictions required to have an abortion in the country she lives in, there is not a single part of this that is ok.  It is a horrifying terrible situation.


FUCKING HELL.  You make me embarrassed to call myself Catholic.  You make my stomach turn.  You accept men as bishops who deny the Holocaust even happened & you excommunicate a woman saving her daughter's life, you give $$$ to prevent the civil union of men & women who love eachother because you believe that accepting their love means you have to accept that they have sex.  I was raised better than that.  FUCK YOU CATHOLIC CHURCH.  YOU DID A SHITTY JOB TRYING TO REPLACE JPII - LET'S KILL THIS FUCKER OFF & START OVER.  START OVER BASING THE CHURCH ON LOVE.

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