The Plague

Illness- & by that I mean the black death has been alive & well in my household this week.  Fever spiking to 103 (that I recorded).  puking, pooing, nothing in my system for 3 days.  This was tolerable.  The problem is/was the Seasonique - the dirty little pills running my ovaries; I'm bleeding/cramping - have been for 2 wks - which means this is the 3rd week of cramping which by the way - next week, ahem, NEXT WEEK is when I am scheduled to bleed.  Sooo kiddies who have been paying attention; What does Jessica need when she is cramping & bleeding? Those of you who said Prescription Narcotics get a gold star.  BUT wait if I can't keep food in my system or most fluids or my regular meds what makes you think I was able to keep the "good stuff" down?  I couldn't.  I didn't know if I was sweating & shaking from the pain or from the fever.  I was a mess.  The fever finally broke yesterday & I was able to keep down yogurt & babyfood smooshed peaches - & sweet blessed drugs.  home from work tonight they are finally kicking in again.  

While ill i did not need a visiting nurse service to come take care of me but rather a "Dial-a-boifriend" or something similar - I wanted someone who knew me & my apt & where everything is & could just step in & take care of me, cook for me, cool rag for my head, & who gets along w/ the cats, etc... I think that would be awesome.  Or "Dial-a-girlfriend" I'm not picky I just wanted to feel cared for.  On the other hand I have to say I could have kissed my direct report when she walked in & saw me today - her first words were "I could kiss you" - we need eachother to make the ofc run smoothly - I missed my coworkers & it felt good to feel the love today when they dropped by to check on me & offer soup & to run for tea, etc...

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