OK - I deal with it

I fucking hate needles!!!
I have to get like 5 tubes drawn (a ridiculous amount in my humble opinion) for some tests for a program I'm starting next week.  I gear up  - OK I work in Lyndhurst on Friday, 5 mins from the lab @ Beachwood - simple - work til noon, stop in - do the draw & get on w/ a wknd of meds & crawling from shower to bed.  OH NOOOOOO - I look at the orders to see if there is anything that I can compare the new ones to that I've already had done recently.  & poof - guess what? as I was wrapping myself into my 2nd 3rd of my morning coffee - I have to be fasting for the blood draw because they want glucose levels.  ARRRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHHHH - I have to get to the lab in Lakewood before noon/after 0700 tomorrow & be free of meds to drive there & back.  & still have to deal w/ needles - I don't think I've had a draw @ Lakewood - I hope they are awesome.  Or I'm going to go back to my Dr's ofc - because the phlebotomist there rocks.  

Right now meds are taken & i'm waiting for the painfree to arrive.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry you're going through all this. Girl stuff, sick, fasting, and needles - ick!
Could you get a coworker to drive you, so you don't have to go off meds?

Feel better soon! There is fun next weekend, like a light at the end of the tunnel.

Jezcabelle said...

that part i'll be good with - i'll wakae up tomorrow & go straight to the hospital - do the draw & then groceries then home to bed - OR meet up w/ someone for brunch & back to bed - & I am soo excited for next wknd - so much fun!!!