At what point does this sink in & stop being "news" at what point does this finally crack thru & do people realize that not every soldier is a bloodthirsty powerhungry rapist in and of himself? At what point do we step in & stop the government sanctioned rapes?

How is this new? Who finds this to be informative? to find the information something new?!?!?!

This is not new news. This is a crime against humanity - every rape is. from the date raped teenager; to the American soldier raped by her comrades in Iraq, to the wife raped by her husband, to the rape of women all over the world as just another step in the genocide of a people.

The intentions might very well differ slightly - the soldier being ordered to rape, the teenage boi who thinks that "this is just how women like it", the husband who thinks it is his right to sex when & how he wants it. I'd love to have a clue why an American soldier would rape a female in his unit while in the sandbox but I honestly don't know - I've only ever talked to the survivors; aside from the culture of rape that the military so happily provides I have no idea. & yes this comes across as if I have a BIG issue with this & I do - I've seen too many lives ruined by it. Too many women destroyed by these actions & those are only women who sought help, not the ones who keep silent out of fear.

This just empties me of words. Rape is a military tactic that works so much better than a nuclear bomb. It destroys the people while leaving the land intact & usable. It has the power to destroy generations and cultures and societies like no other weapon on earth. It has the power to make a woman abandon her child. It has the power to make a mother kill her daughters rather than let it happen to them; for men to kill their families rather than let it happen to them.

In the interview he discusses that his penis wouldn't come erect for him to actually penetrate anyone - but seriously that only saved his victims from the tissue damage of penetration, from the possibility of impregnation - it didn't save their minds; it didn't stop them from dying inside, from fearing every man they see, from fearing every touch, it didn't save them the trauma of the assault. It just saved his life. I hope his life was worth saving. I hope he makes it worth saving.

Just keep in mind this is from a woman who thinks rapists should be hunted down & beaten in the street, their half-dead bodies left rotting on pikes outside of towns as a reminder that it will not be tolerated. Harboring a rapist should be met also with punishment. lopping off an arm above the elbow & a leg above the knee - Hell I'd let the convicted choose which parts - the parts also hung outside the city along the highways & byways. Maybe I'm a lil bloody. I'm not in Congress for a reason. I'm not trying to legislate these beliefs. I just think the world would be a better place if it worked that way. & since Watchmen is so fresh on my mind - I must confess this is the area that I hold Rorschach-like convictions. There is no compromise with me on it.

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