This cunt should have been stopped

I haven't sorted a punishment yet appropriate for the situation.  But the people who give her money are flaming idiots of the highest caliber.  They should be treated as mental patients; so should she but i want her treated a patient about 200 years ago.  I want her to suffer for the pain she is causing the kids all 14 of them & the interviews wherein she says she plans on having more make me want to sneak in & sterilize her in her sleep.

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Skyspirit said...

It is an unfortunate situation. Not only did she have too many kids before, but it appears she probably lied to get these ones (she had them implanted and then had post care at another physician).

Half her previous crop are disabled, and the current 8 need intensive care.

She needs to have them taken away and get psychiatric help (she's already said she's driven to have kids!). Honestly, the kids are the responsibility of the public anyway, so sending them to parents that will actually care for them and help them could only be for the better.

Things like this make me depressed some days.