My dry house

Humidifier acquired - it ran on middle setting all last night at the lowest humidistat setting - when i woke up it was still running & almost empty - 3 gallons dumped into my air & still dry it is.  less blood from my nose this morning - more mucus = yay

& my bitching about Lyrica ads:
To Quote: "My fibromyalgia muscle pain is real"
So spokesbeotch what you are saying is "My muscle fiber pain muscle pain is real" - what up jackass?  The ad then goes on the stroke the fibro patient's ego by telling them that it is not an anti-depressant but real medicine to address a real medical condition.  I have worked with fibro patients and guess what - 99% of them do need to be on anti-depressants - chemical anti-depressants.  They should be in Physical Therapy to learn how to keep their bodies in good working order despite the pain, serious counseling to sort out their own heads & reframe & deal with the pain in a healthy way instead of the life alteringly bad habits they have unerringly picked up.  Seriously.  There is a reason that the Clinic's intensive pain management program has a huge psych component.  & a reason that people who leave in the middle of it continue to be in pain as they bitch about the docs trying to address their thought processes.  This is not me being mean or trying to say that "the pain they sense is a figment of their imagination" - It is not - it is real - but it is also their organic nerves & their organic brain involved.  Mentally they need to sort out what/who they are with this pain component in their lives.  9 times out of 10 fibro patients have been in so much pain for so long that they are against anyone even implying that they (personality/mentally) have changed as a part of it.  They are used to medical professionals treating them like hypochondriacs.  I have worked with people who literally would say things behind the patients' backs along the lines of "fakers" - "crybabies".  On the other hand most of the fibro patients I've worked with want to either not try anything new to feel better or they are willing to try  - but they want results immediately.  & NO PATIENTS EVER WANT TO DO THE WORK TO FEEL BETTER - seriously - doesn't matter if it is a fibromyalgia issue, a knee replacement, a cold - everyone wants to just *poof* feel better magickally.  New pill, surgery, and they expect to feel instantly better.  NOT gonna happen & if you do start to heal it is never an easy cruise to no pain.  There are always hills and valleys.  

OK I'm better now.

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