Oh Lupercalia

Oh holy Lupa 
I wonder if we ought to have a sweet lil prayer to her like to the mother Mary - I'll work on that.
This year it has been wonderful: The opening was glorious - we walked all the way to Lily's Chocolates which was really quite nice and though they were sold out of chocolates we talked booze w/ the owner perused their fine fine selection.  A reward for our kindness was a bit of the broken chocolates to taste - I have a dark w/ port ganache (amazing).  Katelynn's art was amazing- the space she was showing in was perfect.  All followed after by Caipirinhas and mango lime margaritas & food at Johnny Mangos.  Last night there was Tequila and porn at Froggy and Tyger's place - I made the margaritas - from scratch - fresh grapefruit & regular.  Soo good.  There were new people and old people and fascinating conversation and good food & drink & I ended up at home at around 0300 - Joi - I'm awake now - I have no plans for today beyond naps & bits to eat.  & rehydrating myself for work tomorrow.  


Catzia said...

Mmmmm mango lime margaritas... Can you mail me one please? Thank you. :)

Indychick said...

I'm so jealous...I want one. We make those @ work, but they taste like dogshit compared to yours...Ahhh, flashback of college & late nights in G-Ma Alice's basement, watching SP & drinking Margaritas de Jezcabelle...makes me homesick.

Indychick said...

BTW, I'm going to Cali for vaca on the 23rd to visit G-Pa's sis. I wanted to make sure that, before I die in a fiery ball of melted airplane, that I tell everyone that I love them. Never been to Cali B4, hope I make it there in one piece...wish I got laid 1st, then I could die in peace (sort of). LOVE YOU!

Jezcabelle said...

I love u too - be safe - God I miss her & her basement.

Indychick said...

I have on my bed that HUGE Cali King yellow afghan she made that sat on the couch next to the patio door. It only lost the smell of must, rain, & (of course) cig smoke last year...Damn you fabric softner! HA! I just had a flashback...Molly gas, EWWWWWWWWWW!