Mardi Gras prep this year:

Remember this?
Well I found out more - many weeks ago - apparently that posting was a catalyst for an actual explanation of what was going on.  A tirade of emails and IMs and even a text message followed.  It was ridiculous how much information was suddenly not offered but crammed at me.  It was never offered to discuss anything just a spewing forth of information, threats, and criticism.  I've deleted all of it.  What I read in detail brought forth that my "friend" had some big issues with me that she never bothered to mention and that while she was distancing herself from me she tried to destroy another friendship of mine.  It was really sad.  I've been told by others who have known her longer than me that this sort of thing is a part of her usual behavioral pattern.  I'm so happy to know this now & not later.  I mourn the woman I thought she was & the relationship that I thought we had but I am happy that her true feelings finally came out.  On that note I feel clean & will not be mentioning it again unless you ask.  

I'm good - I think that was the last thing I was carrying from this past year - everything is on the table/addressed with those whom it needs to be addressed.

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