Sunday morning I miss you the most...

Oh yes I have Ani in my head - I've been up since 0500ish - I'm watching Dark Knight (again) 3rd time in the past 24 hours, apparently I just need to get it out of my system.  I've made good breakfast, small bit of hashbrowns, eggs/cheddar/bacon salt, & hot chai w/ extra cayenne.  I have an herbal orange/cranberry tea that I am slowly sipping w/ honey to calm my innards & throat.  I've given the cats catnip & fury meeses to play with.  I hear them tumbling about my study.  I think once it hits double digits I will throw in Devil's Rejects & do the carpets til the meds wear off then it is FASFA & taxes for me (YAY).  So much to do & so much getting done.  

Laundry later I think - course that means I'll have to get dressed grrrrrr.  & complete change of bedding & mattress flipping.  

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