I am sitting at the Metro Toyota dealership & something screwy with the WiFi is not allowing me to actually log into anything so I am spending my time typing and reading the news – all of my lovely RSS feeds that I can only view in a cursory manner during my crazy work weeks. I have my weekends to pour over the goings on in the really real world. I am tired. I FINISHED TRAINING LAST NIGHT!!! I still have shadowing to do in 2 weeks. I am very joyous that the shadowing to gonna happen after the next court date. I am also excited about the face to face advocacy training. Although I will be doing the shadowing after the face to face training. I am terrified at the moment that the cost of my car issue will be too much. I am having some brake issues, Like it sounds like there is an airplane overhead when I brake, sometimes, not all the time and it of course has only been going on for the last weekish. ARRRRGGGGHHHHH!!! I hope it will be ok $$$ wise – nothing is simple, and I am also worried about having those extra 6 hours a week back to think. Thinking is not good. Xkcd really said it best today.

& Ectomo has been blocked by the guardians of the interweb at this location for having “nudity and risqué” content. I am fine w/ that. It would be weird looking at porn while waiting at the dealership waiting on my precious to get fixed. ALTHOUGH there is also a block in the Bloxor and other interweb sites that offer games, when better the play a game than when sitting here bored out of my damned mind, watching CNN, smelling cars and burnt coffee, and the sounds of construction through the walls, there is construction going on in the rest of the building. I just got the word about the car. I need new brakes and rotors and an oil change (well I knew about that part, that was scheduled for now anyhow) and it will cost be about $465. SO I AM TAKING DONATIONS!!! – but I will be safe on the roads and until I hear from the Clinic I am still hitting 5 different offices in my 4 day work week. I am exhausted. I can’t hardly wait until this is done and I can get home to my lil bed. I know I have other things to do, but I have been up since 5am and I didn’t get to bed until about 2am – I think last night I connected with a new Waldorf for my Statler at training last night – there was much laughter. I needed that, I was even laughing as I fell asleep. I have been here at the dealership since 7am, and I just got the news on the car now, at 756am, which is not bad at all by car place standards. I dunno how long it will all take, but the process has started. And the road I would usually take to get here is closed so I had to detour around in the rainy dark an extra 20 mins so I didn’t get breakfast. I am hungry, I want to feed and sleep. In that order. I think a lil bowl of frosted mini wheats would be perfect….mmmm fiberlicious. Then curl up and watch some “Good Eats” and fall asleep. I think it is important to note that I just found out that Alton Brown will be present at the FoodExpo here in the land of Cleve shortly. I really want to go just to see him. He is kinda my ideal guy, intelligent, funny, articulate, and can cook. I like that, although it is not necessary to cook to win my heart.
OK it is about 923am and I am freakin tired and want food and my lovely patient is now at work and offered me food and drink and 10% off, well I found out the 10% she had already gotten subtracted from my totals cause she said so. On one hand I am really happy w/ it and on the other I can’t help but to think about what a shitty day it would be if I didn’t have that little bonus feature going for me.

I got out at 1150am - there were a few other repairs all still under warranty that needed to be made & hell, it's not like I was doing anything. bed now.

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