OK update

I'm writing this once, and I am just referring everyone to here, cause dammit, it is too damned looong to repeat every damned time.

Court today and the prosecutor wouldn't even talk to me w/o a lawyer, which is apparently more to do w/ the judge, and the charges against me. YAY the cop who decided to charge me w/ a 3rd degree misdemeanor. So I am facing charges with penalties up to (and this DOES NOT mean that this is the outcome, just the POSSIBILITIES) $500 fine, up to 60 days in jail. It is appropriate for reckless op and since it is the 3rd offense (as in 3rd speed related offense, not reckless op offense) since 1/2007 it is a mandatory appearance, but make no mistake it was the officer's decision to do so. I went 3/10 of a mile going up a hill, onto the highway, and magically my car (4 cylinder lil beaut that she is) went from 0-89 mph. The hell it did, the hell that my car is capable of going that fast that quickly.

So off we go to find an attorney, have "the" conversation, then wait for the court date 11/7/2007.

the end. I am not discussing it anymore. I am not sleeping, my blood pressure is up again and I am losing my damned mind. So I am finishing what I can finish and 11/1 I will start the worrying again. Until then I am gonna go back to focussing on me.


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Indychick said...

Positive vibes being sent your way, Superwoman.