I have the interview this afternoon. I need happy thoughts. I feel good emotionally - if ur keeping score - I can say that cuz I'm pretending my heart will be ok & it will work out - Mentally I feel sound and alert. Physically I am cramping though not bleeding yet - which is good? I think cuz I shouldn't have been bleeding 2 weeks ago. Just weird w/ the internal hemorrhaging it matched the external "period". The Aleve should get me through the interview. Then home to Darvocet. I was worried w/ the physical pain a bit ago when the rest of me hurt so much but I've been fine (physically) the last week - no meds. Except of course the days after the 14 hr day when it feels like someone took a hammer to my hips. I think that has more to do with the sitting for 3 hrs at the end of the day. I'm just weary, excited, hopeful, and wanting. Thanks for listening.

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