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For urinating on a dying woman in the middle of the street – 3 years in jail, that’s it. Just 3 years for destroying a woman’s last moment of dignity before her death. She was only 50 yrs old. Even my dearly departed father lived longer than she did. The creature of human origin (can’t call him a man – just can’t do it) Anthony Anderson is 27 years old. 27 years old. I cannot fucking wrap my brainpan around the fucking concept of wandering out into the street at the tender old age of 27 and thinking it is a grand idea to pee on someone who is obviously in pain, someone who has collapsed while carrying goods in the middle of the street. Who the fuck thinks that is the right or proper reaction. AND THIS WHOLE THING ABOUT IT BEING YOUTUBE FODDER – what the fuck? What the hell is going on that such a statement is conceivably accepted.

And he was a former soldier – woohoo – when throwing cold water on her didn’t help the situation any he urinated on her instead of checking, hmmmm let’s say her vitals.

AND THE FUCKERS WHO WATCHED. I hope they believe in Hell, well the Judeo-Christian definition of such a place. I, personally don’t, but I hope there is a special place reserved for anyone who could standby and allow such acts to be perpetrated in front of them while laughing – LAUGHING – FUCKING LAUGHING – as a woman died in front of them. LAUGHING as a dying woman was urinated on. I hope they burn, burn in eternal hellfire. I hope that they are summarily disowned by the people who know them. I hope they live the rest of their lives terrified that anyone will discover their involvement and if anyone does discover it, I hope that they ostracize them as if they were plague carriers.

What if part of her was conscious – even a little tiny bit as she lay there. Her brain still processed the things going on around her – imagine lying there, your body betraying you and you cannot move and some stranger begins yelling and laughing at you, then throws a bucket of cold water on you, you cannot move, you cannot escape, you cannot communicate, you cannot make it stop and your organs are shutting down, it is getting harder to breathe, and then the warmth, the sound, the smell the unmistakable stench of urine on you, the sounds of jeers and laughter ringing in your ears as you took your last breath.

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