Bored now...

I'm trying very hard to think of everything but court and Kerry.

I'm not sleeping yet. I'm just here. waiting, biding the time to move quicker
Quicker til I know how tomorrow goes,
Quicker til Kerry & I talk
Quicker til my next Clinic interview (this Friday - keep your grubby lil candy coated monkey fingers crossed)
Quicker til October is in full swing and there are scary things all about
Quicker til my heart is broken
Quicker til my heart is mended

& now I am about to launch into a full on serenade, and I can't afford that cost right now
I'm watching a show we had watched together, and thinking of him, hoping he's asleep or on his way to sleep, hopefully relaxed for a minute, I'd love to think he was thinking of me. But I can't go that far. I just crave.

DiFranco is asleep next to me, snuggled in the down comforter, so precious
Obi is perched on the edge of the back of the bed, everwatchful
I am curled in the dark wrapped around my laptop, wishing I was looking forward to something tangible

I want it all to be over now.
I just want things to keep moving,
I wish I could do so much over again...

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