I am picking a new future

I am open to suggestions.

In the last 5 years I have worked for Center For Integrated Therapies - which still owes me money for services rendered in good faith over a year ago. N-----re which has come to define underemployment and dead-end job for me - might be different for others, but for myself only a fraction of my skills are being utilized there, and there is no room for advancement right now. American Chiro & PT - which by and large was a good learning experience. The salaries have varied, and the time has flown. It is time to sort out a new destiny.

The assorted odds & ends I have picked up in between times have been enjoyable. I know what I love and what is intolerable.

Any thoughts, comments, screams, whispers, feelings, bellybuttons on the matter would be welcome at this point.

I'm about - I've been accepted at all of the local community colleges and my resumes are refurbished.

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Indychick said...

OH, you know I can empathize. Coming to the conclusion that your carrer is not going anywhere, regardless of your hard work, is very sad. I told my mother I felt like I was going through a divorce when I said goodbye to Big Papa, though your situation is not quite as pathetic as mine was.

I have no real suggestions quite yet, maybe a lion tamer? I KNEW I didn't wnat to stay in the restaurant industry, but that's where all my experience is, I really had no choice. So, sit down with your favorite cup of creative tea, and start brainstorming about things you would LIKE to do, write it all down.

Then put that little fantasy away, get online to and just start exploring the opportunities, maybe you'll see one for beautiful, spiritual, intellegent, liscened private physical therapist needed for local athletes. Excellent salary plus benefits which include none of the stuff you enjoy such as game tix & autographs (HEY. it has to have some of my fantasy too, that's only fair)

I'm leaving for Vegas in one day. I'm on vacation! I will try to think of other opportunities for your future while in the city of sin. Maybe I'll be inspired, who knows? Any suggestions on what to see? I'll be with my Mother, Charlie & Amy, AND Jane & Dick!YAY! But we have to behave...sort of.