Evil winter, Oh how I hate thee...

OK it is cold - I am searching desperately for a space heater or 2. My goal is to heat my lil space w/o getting raped too badly on the gas bill, and not give up all my heat to the outside world or to my evil upstairs neighbor. I'm just saying if you have any safe - notgonnaburnmyhousedown space heaters in storage right now that you aren't using - let me know.

I got paid by some private clients this weekend. I am not quite as $$$-terrified as I was last week.

I just got the official word from my Friday job that I might get the money they owe me sometime in the next 60 days or 6 months. Maybe.

The new business cards are ordered. Template above. I blurred out my number cause if you really want it you should already have it, or leave me a note and we can go from there.


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