I'm not fretting...

But then I am not sleeping either. I choked down some calms forte earlier (3 hours ago). I slept for about and hour and a half. I awoke, and now I am just "up". I am watching Mythbusters and Mobsters. I am waiting for The Shield and Dexter to tape so i can watch them. I watched the end of the Flavor of Love 2 run (it was just as surreal as the first one). I just can't seem to sleep again. I am not freaking out about anything. I am not nerves girl right now. I am just lying here and not sleeping. I am in a cold apt (60ยบ ish). I am lying on a comfy mattress, covered w/ a subzero rated sleeping bag open underneath. I have an old down comforter in a casing, an old cotton/flannelly comforter, and topped with a newer down comforter (still poofy) all lying on top of me. I am cuddled down at either end of my bed (I routinely flipflop) the cat is cuddled next to me alternately beneath and above the covers, alternately purrring and sleeping. And yet I am awake. I had a lil caffiene about 12 hrs ago. BUT I AM STILL AWAKE!!! I tried meditating...dropping down a bit and clearing my brain. Felt great. But not asleep. I just thought I'd share. It is now officially too late for me to take anything pharmaceutical. I have to be at work too early tomorrow morning (less than 8 hrs from now). If you have any thoughts - let me know. I just wanna sleep.

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