OK so things are coming together...

I am going to tell you the story of my last day at my ofc. The ofc I have been at for the last like 2.5 yrs. I cleaned, and collected all my stuff (ice cube tray, cereal, a pitcher, glasses and my mug). 3 of my pts were scheduled to have today as their last day. There were almost tearful goodbyes. 4 pts threatened to follow me to the other center - just to stay in my care. And 1 very special kid (16 yr old ACL repair - we've had him as a pt since his pre-op therapy) - he brought me a cake, an ice cream cake. And he didn't have any alternative motive - we thought he was just saying the night before that he was gonna bring one in as a way to talk his mom into buying one for him to eat by himself (he is a 16 yr old boi afterall). I can't wait to no longer be behind a desk all day. I love the idea that no one will be calling to yell at me on a daily basis like they have been lately. I also found out that the primary culprit for such berating behavior has been "talked to" by her superiors... so I'd hate to say "we'll see...", but it is no longer a concern for me. All I have to do is go to work and treat pts, write up notes and go home. From now on I will be getting out at 7pm in Brookpark - 5 mins further down the road than my now-old ofc.

I'm getting a handle on things, but slowly. I feel more like her today...but Mr Carrion is still close at hand.

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