Trying a SURVEY

Conveniently located on the right of the page at the top. I'm curious. I spend a lot of time lately thinking about how I present myself to people, well prospective significant others. Not in that "oh my dear should I let him know I'm less ordinary? - Do you think he's realized yet?" But in the "Hey, you guys know me, kind of, right?" "Well, you read me & don't complain - therefore giving me the feeling of writing at the walls or sometimes mindless minions that exist to sop up my every word and brain drivel with little bits of bread which you aren't sharing with me - you Bastards, not bringing me bread".

So understand that my behaviors won't change based on the results, but I'm just curious. & of course much the same as periodically asking animals & inanimate objects pointblank if they can speak - just so the excuse that "you never asked" can never be thrown at me if one day they do start being more articulate. & it should go without saying but I'm curious too: Is there anyone out there reading this interested in more than friendship?

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