Details of the day today

I arrived at 0630 & the power went out - the freaking Cleveland Clinic the world renowned Cleveland Clinic the power was out - had to park thru the parking garage in the dark - Kate, long tall Kate was there waiting for me & I am sooo happy she was. We ate breakfast in the dark - then we had to hoof it up to the 8th floor since the elevators were down & she walked me up & sat w/ me for a bit then went to work - I stopped by her desk on my way out for love & she called before I got out of Cleveland to make sure I hadn't just broken down in the parking lot

@ the appointment my Gyn/Onc a very cute doc had to do a full pelvic & anal exam (less fun than it sounds) after I did all the hoofing and sweating. Then he explained his plan w/ the slicing & laprascopy - the date is not set yet. I'll tell, I promise.
My exam was followed by chest xray, EKG, & blood draw.


By the actual time of my appt the electric was back on - so yay lifts & lights.


Catzia said...

Eep. I love you. We'll talk soon!!

Jezcabelle said...

indeed ];-*