Inspired by my world:

I dumped a handful of chopped up dried lychees into a bottle w/ some Grey Goose today & am very interested in what will pour out of it eventually - well what it tastes like anyway.  

I'm watching yet another bad horror film from the AfterDark Film Fest.  It sucks as horribly as all the others so far this year - not one single scary moment.  

I'm tired & had a full long day (feels like).  Breakfast w/ R & I & E then long walks in flip flops thru the snowing windy badness to & from the BorderMart.  Then delicious late lunch/early supper w/ Jules @ Johnny Mangos = Pomegranate margaritas + my usual + dark red beans w/ artichokes, bell peppers & curry = TASTY.  

I've had some pretty amazing conversations w/ Moik this weekend, very unexpected.  I'm not complaining.  & spent some time w/ George - haven't done that in a while - it was relaxing.  & I hope you smile when you see that, I heart your smile.  Random bachelor from gk2gk and I have not managed to meet yet.  & I had a profoundly deep conversation with an amazing woman in Germany.  We talked about death & coming to terms with it.  It has been a really long time since I've had a talk that deep with anyone.  Kerry never spoke that deep w/ me - I think that is an important thing for me to remember.  My current rounds of friends and I already have an idea of what we think but this harkens back to my rants from long ago about losing my touch w/ those nights of caffeine and artists and baring our souls over endless cups of coffee and sitting in uncomfortable booths and putting the world on hold for the sake of just one more story, one more poem, one more revelation.  I talked to another friend tonight to find out that she just separated from her babydaddy/long term live in /might as well be married lover.  It sounds like it is for the best.  


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