on flying...

Ok so clutz that I am u must picture me walking (trying to walk) from my room to the kitchen to get spaghetti off of the stove I am in brown t-shirt (Jayne: kicker of Asses) which might as well be painted on me, khaki cargo pants that are waaaay too big, the pants are rolled up & buttoned to stay at mid-calf I catch my left pinky toe in the loop at the calf of my right leg, twisting it as i tried to catch myself feeling my forward motion head to the ground instead of the kitchen. Then as if to prove it is better than me I swear I heard gravity laughing as I hit both knees when my lil toes came free - and my right hand hit the ground I'm just saying - this is what I get for pretending I could walk.  Toe pictured above w/ Altoids tin for sizing - Lordie I watch too much CSI

I just wasn't planning on failing so spectacularly at flying today. Wish the bloody squirrel would just teach me to fly - but noooooo he's too busy being Billybadass.

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