Isn't it a possibility, just a tiny one. That is would be a better idea to simply carry on the family name thru the female children than the male? After all there is never a doubt which womb a child popped out of. Husbands can take their wife's name and so on... Isn't this a better option than killing or mutilating the female offspring just because they aren't male?

I'm just sayin... The end of the patriarch is not the end of the world, just a change. Change being a good thing, rather than this stagnant existence of insanity expecting different results while living the same lives day in and day out. As these days drag on Aeon Flux seems like a better and better idea. Or maybe I am just on a feminista kick right now, my ovaries are churning, and my attack womb is set to kill. How much power have we given up, and what are we willing to do to reclaim it?

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