I did it

I said, "No." I declined. It was not enough money. They entertained my counter-offer, but could not exceed the max's set on the dept. I am still in the running. I am proceeding on as planned. I will make it.

Thank you.

I need support and affection right now.

Not calling to talk is the hardest thing in the world it is tearing me up inside: all I hear are my own words screaming in my ears... No communication means nothing changes... everyone needs time to sort themselves out, including you... I am sorting, and I like some of what I have found, not all of it, and the only person i want to talk about it with, I know I shouldn't, not yet. I feel vulnerable. I feel tied up to a chair, naked, exposed, and wanting. I know i tied myself up here, I had to to keep from pursuing, I just hope that I can let myself free soon, let myself go.

all good, thanks for reading, I just have to spit this out...

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Indychick said...

Hang in there! Don't let it get you down! You'll get through this! All the sterotypical bullshit that doesn't really make you feel any better. What else does one say? Oh yeah, you do whatever you need to do, alright? We all deal with shit in different ways. If you were like everyone else you wouldn't be you, OK? You spit as much as you need to. We are your spitoon! Alright, never mind, that's just gross. You'll find a great job soon and your wounds will heal, as you know. YOU KNOW ALL THIS, but it doesn't make it any easier.
Johnny Cougar Nov 3rd, Indianapolis, That may help you feel a tiny bit better, or @ least forget about life for awhile.