Post 666 - Huzzah!!!

Seriously I wanted to write something amazing but I'm emotionally overwhelmed & physically exhausted from the packing. I am watching Run FatBoy Run & I gotta say for a "fatboy" Simon Pegg has great legs. AND I LOVE that he is wearing old skool headphones (the fully covering the ears) while he is doing his training runs - I love that boi.

Big move night on Tuesday - I am anticipating 2 vans available to help. I need more bodies then & the rest of the week. Please let me know asap if you can help out. I just need help with all of this.

Dunekitty makes me smile. - I've been repeating the fear mantra from Dune a lot lately. So much of this experience has been terrifying on so many levels for me. So many things I have never done nor contemplated doing. Seriously this is the longest I've been unemployed since I was 17 & I took the first semester of college off to just go to school. By 2nd semester I was at least rollin down to the ALI (American Language Institute). Send me leads please.

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