Mixed emotional bag of mess

"How many do you need?"
"I was told you are a collector"

You know me - nothing quite like being accused of being a whore. Nothing quite like being openly judged & spoken of behind my back before uttering a word near my face. ME?!?!? The woman who kills herself to trust anyone.

I ended the burn talking to the one person in my current social circle who I would vote off of the island if I could. Confronting me finally as she projected her own insecurities & behaviors on to me. I'm pacing the cage til I get to address everything with the appropriate parties. I hate liars.


Indychick said...

Bitches are are the absolute least whorish person I know, aside from myself. Hell, I wish I had the nerve to be a whore! I'd have more fun! Unfortunately, we have too much respect for ourselves & our bodies to do so. Being a woman that men are comfortable talking with & "hanging out" with does not make one a whore. It makes one "a friend", which as we both know, is the curse of being the "cool chick". You're attractive, can provide a mentally stimulating conversation, & have a high regard for your self-worth. This drives people with low self-esteem to berate you & call you names. It makes them feel superior, & I kind of feel sorry for them. It's like I used to tell the bitches in school that used to pick on me & beat me up; "If your life is really so boring that you have to spend your free time harrassing me, then that's just pathetic"

The Industrious Layabout said...

I am afraid that my unchecked exuberance and naivety may have complicated your evening... It was, like most things spilling from my wide mouth, unintentionally vague and slightly worrying to some concerned party... And for that inconvenience I apologize... However, since I'm an alien to the world of heterosexual intrigue and feminine machinations I cannot reasonably say it will not happen again. Unless of course I've already been voted off your island... In which case, I've brought a boat.

Jezcabelle said...

All joi towards you - the individual who needs to get off of the island accused me of far more than I disclosed here & added some of the most disingenuous "concerns" that I've ever been faced with. Regardless of collector references she mostly accused me of using multiple sexual partners to make up for my own insecurities- which if you know me & my romantic/sexual history is one of the most laughable & offensive things you could say to me. I've lost more relationships than I've had in the past 10 years because of how very few sexual partners I've chosen. I trust not even my friends to get very close - if you've been reading me you might have grokked this by now.

The Industrious Layabout said...

I have been reading you a bit, but as always wait to grok in fullness... I shall return to waiting, because as we all know - waiting is.