The new space is clean & ready for me to move into it. I finished scrubbing the carpets yesterday. I also finished moving the "stuff that is not staying" out of the space. only one more big item to get moved out.

Clothes in front room are almost all packed up - still have to do back room clothes
AND of course the entire rest of my apt. I feel more than a little overwhelmed. If you find yourself bored this weekend, call me, I could use some help packing & cleaning -as of the 15th I can start moving stuff into the new space. In my car I can move things like my LaZBoys but I need bigger vehicles for my bed & it would be easier to move the bookcases & dresser in bigger vehicles. I'm so freaked out as I do this so hugs & cuddles & love are also needed, it is a huge move for me. I have so much to get rid of & so much to get sorted out in the new space. Also food if you feel like dropping by w/ a meal or coffee I appreciate it greatly.

OF NOTE: this move will NOT change my standard of randomly showing up at my door with booze or cheesecake. It just means you need to bring more for the other household members. Well more cheesecake anyway - I think I drink more than anyone in the house & that is not saying much - you know how little I drink. However I will be on the 3rd floor so if you try to knock on the door I will be the last person to hear it. Please call ahead & let me know to expect you or try the pebble to the window thing if you think I am up in my room. Of course you are responsible if you break a window.

Also overwhelmed by the love & support you have shown me in calls & notes & emails & so on. Seriously you make me tear up just thinking about it. THANK YOU

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