0309 & still up


Yes please - all of the above - I'm trying to calm to some semblance of rest but the brain won't shut up - I'm too freaked out about the move, I have so much to do tomorrow. I have a few hours til my upstairs neighbor leaves for work - than I can pump up the music & begin moving things to the front porch for staging. I just want to get it all out of here now.

My stomach is spitting acid on my esophagus - So lying down is hurty. At this point I want like 2-3 hrs sleep going into this madness.

@ 1400 today the first van gets here.


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Indychick said...

Last nights Met show was AWESOME! We sat 15 rows off the floor, dead center. My ears are still ringing, my neck is still sore, & voice is still gone. Even cooler, although not to anyone but me, is we were 3 rows in front of the suite that the Pacers players were in. M. said Pacers only team w/enough white guys to go a Met show! Many of them not even on the team anymore but was cool to see them back in Indy to party with their buds. Can't wait for October! AND Char & I are taking TJ to see KISS in Detroit @ Cobo Hall next Friday. What a way to start the Autumn!