This article was sent to my mother & she shared it with me. I'm reposting it here. I wish that the unborn lives they are talking about saving were to be saved with education & the open sharing of ideas. Instead it was through protesting & attempts to legislate narrow religious views onto other bodies. BUT the important part is the bits about my dad. I know every person in the article, it is a step down memory lane, with the nostalgia is a heavy dose of the loss, it is good to see other people remember & miss my dad too.

I'm so far away geographically that it is seldom anyone brings up my dad here, no one here knew him. At home my mom is surrounded by people who knew him, who mourned the loss of him. I am alone, I tell the stories to those who listen but I am still alone in my loss.

by Ed Luersman

The spring of the year was always extra busy on our dairy farm but it was busier when it was a late spring, as it was about 25 years ago, when I found myself as busy as a one arm wallpaper hanger with the hives. Usually I could relax while driving the tractor but that morning I was troubled about all that wasn't being done, not so much the farm work but more so with my faith walk with other people.
I found myself fretting and praying about not getting around to speaking personally with three persons in our parish. Our Pastor Father Roger Bonifas about something that I do not now recall, Walt Miller about the Cursillio weekend he was soon to partake in. Walt a few years later would be ordained The Reverend Mr.Walter Miller Deacon of the Diocese of Toledo to serve our parish as the third Deacon of our parish & the one who could sing. How about that Deacon Joe? Deacon Walt would also serve as Chaplain at the hospital. Walt's untimely death from cancer was a great loss, not only to his faithful wife Jill and their lovely daughters but to all of us whose lives he touched. The third person I wanted to talk personally with was Mrs. Kenneth Bendele (Diane) a busy mother who was taking time to do what she could to save the unborn. If only our world had more Dianes.
After a hurried dinner that day I called Father Bonifas to ask him when I could talk with him. He said how about right now. Well the tractor would have to wait. As I walked up to the priest house, Walt Miller was coming out of the house. So I thought I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. After my conversation with Father Bonifas I recalled the letter my lovely wife Helen ask me to take to the post office where who would I meet but Diane Bendele.
Though it was a late start, I had a very relaxed afternoon on that tractor. Yes, WHO WAS IN CHARGE OF THE TIMING?


Indychick said...

That was truly touching. Even though I did not know him as well as I would have liked, I miss your dad too.

Jezcabelle said...

Thank you darlin