IN 3D..

Last night I found friends and went to see My Bloody Valentine in 3D.  I've loved the original for years, not because it is an especially good movie, it is not, in fact it is a horrible horror movie.  I was excited to watch the new version in 3D.  I loved the use of 3D in a horror film.  Yes, they use every obvious graphic & concept & they did a damned good job of it.  They even stuffed an eviscerated body in a dryer.  Of all the films to choose from this was perfect for the 3D platform because the primary weapon is a pick axe.  Though I would love to see a very Cthulu centric movie made in 3D tentacles to realistic that it makes me twitch away from the slime.  

Before the movie there was food & drink, after there were games and talk.  So lovely I returned home at around 0300.  I snuggled in & watched Brimstone (thank you Chiller TV) until I fell asleep.  

Rest & joi before the next 6 day work week.  

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