End of Marathon

I am currently home safe & sound, I've showered & slept, I've made & eaten a bit of food. The drive home was really snowy & sketchy - the trek across campus to my car was less than pleasant - sections where the sidewalks hadn't been touched had me dragging my cart thru deep snow - there is not a lot of clearance under it.

Last movies:

Paprika - was really really brilliant. I loved the paths that it took.
The World, The Flesh and The Devil - was a really intense study of racial relations. Casual rape threats just accepted as the norm. That part really grated me as the crowd cheered the would-be rapist on. I know the intent & haha factors but i found the threats far more chilling
A Scanner Darkly - I was tearing up by the end. I found it interesting the reactions from the people around me as they were kvetching about the animation (which I like for this particular piece) and cracking jokes until they "got it". Then silence, no one said a word as the final statement sat on the screen. & the people right next to me understood why i was crying.
Iron Man - I heart this movie - seriously. I don't need to own it, but i really enjoy it. Downey makes me happy. Seeing him rock this role is just to me a lil mini celebration that despite all of the craze in his personal life he is still capable of being someone else. When he was on screen he was Tony Stark, seriously, no other roles crossed my mind, he was just Stark. I appreciate that from a guy I've seen be so many different men. Especially considering his role in the previous movie.

The Case Sci Fi Marathon - is what I've been writing about. You know I'm all about you joining me next year (just a heads up). The more people, the more fun, I just dig it.

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Catzia said...

I think "A Scanner Darkly" is highly underrated. Its release was pretty quiet, and the reviews just so-so. Did everyone expect it to be as existentially deep as "Waking Life?" Maybe. But that, as we all know, is a big mistake from a movie-viewer's perspective. I really thought it was fantabulous.

Robert Downey Jr's performance in "Iron Man" was also exceptional. When I first heard that he was cast for the role, I was skeptical, but just a little way into the film, I was completely hooked. Now that I've seen it a few times, I can't imagine anyone else playing the role as well as he did.