Dear History Bois

I don't rock the historical research, but it dawned on me in the shower tonight that in my hatred of Ratzinger perhaps there is a correlation between the Nazi rhetoric regarding homosexuals & the utter garbage spewing forth from him lately.  I'm just curious.  I'm not suggesting that he is anti-Semitic, just that perhaps he's using some of the same language.  Sort it for me or I will eventually follow it myself.  

Random shower thoughts.

I slept from 1900 til 1130 & I'm back to bed in another 5 mins.  Tomorrow will be a long day and so will Wednesday but  - oh joi - MLK Day I am going in at noon - so recovery from Marathon will be allowed.  


Indychick said...

How's this to give you pleasant dreams?? I'm sure you remember T's friend Matthew...Matthew apparently starred in RHPS as our favorite lead Dr. Frankenfurter. According to my sis-in-law, "no man can fill out a pair of black silk panties the way he can!" Thought you would enjoy that...

Jezcabelle said...

That is beautiful - I heart that boi.

parker said...

Well, I don't know if you knew this or not (though I imagine you did) but Emperor Pope-atine was actually a member of the Hitler Youth during WWII. He left said organization when they started ragging on Catholics. I seem to recall that the Nazi regime wasn't terribly fond of non-straight people, and as a consequence I'm sure that some of that thinking rubbed off on our friend Pope.

hugs and kisses


Jezcabelle said...

I am aware - I hate that man.