I've been up for 2 hours - since 0700 - according to what I can sort out my power went out at 0606 - the dvr caught the first 6 mins of the 0600 tv show i was trying to record.  I awoke in darkness - feeling something soft off the end of the bed w/ my foot - my first thought was - oh noes there is a pillow against the space heater -until i paused & oriented myself to the room & realized that my feet were at the other end of the bed.  Once things were back on (0745) I found eggs for breakfast, turned on the tv to find something to put me back to sleep & grabbed the computer to check in - my computer showed no interwebs.  I have spent the last hour and a half sorting out what exactly needed to be done between the Airport & the modem & the cable company exactly what I needed to refresh & reset after an hour and 40 mins w/o power this morning.  All is well in me universe - clearly working again - I really really really like my internets - the tubes are good to me and so I thank the tubes.  For now I'm going back to sleep - I'm freakin tired & cold.

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