I am

moved into the new office.

My commute is doubled & I hate it - Waaaay to much driving on surface streets - it is tolerable on the early AM portion - but anything after 0700 sucks ass.  Too much traffic on the roads.

There is a gorgeous view from my desk - into the atrium, skylight, fountain down below on the first floor, much shrubbery - very nice

I dig the chick who is sitting next to me, very very sweet.  

I hate being so strangely isolated from everyone else - I must stay put to answer phones - I feel strange running to the restroom & just getting coffee is a hike to the back of the building, past 12 treatment rooms & into the big copy/mailroom.  

Soooo many new people & not nearly as friendly as I would have liked - so I am playing the "I'm sweet & nice & love me" game w/ them all.  Shhhhh they don't know yet what a hateful vindictive bitch I am.

Just thought I'd share.  I'm broken & awaiting Solstice w/ every breath.

& Wayne, dearest mostest favorite cousin without whom I would be much less happy in life (thank you), I now own a copy of Hogfather on DVD - I'll look into hooking you up with a copy - I heart it soooooo much, thank you for pointing it out to me.


Indychick said...

Congrats on new digs! Sounds like a great view. I have 4 weeks left living alone, then little bro & his wife move in. It's going to be very strange having roommates, again. But I'm looking forward to the challenge, (And the money). Am I crazy for having offered to let them move in? It seemed like the right thing to do when I thought of it. How often is one in a real position to truly help someone else who just needs a small hand?

Indychick said...

BTW, sorry about your new commute. Driving to W. Lafayette was long but at least it was 90% interstate. While it now only takes me 15 minutes to get TO work at ANY time of day, it can take up to 45-60 minutes to get home at any time of evening, due to mulitiple sporting events 2 blocks away.