The Wedding pt 2

NO BLOODY PICS YET grrrrrrrrrrrrr...

There are no words to express the rushes of emotions left from my sister’s wedding. My baby sister is now married, to a wonderful man who I totally approve of. My approval is totally optional. I know this. I saw so many people I haven’t seen in years. Many of which I met for the first time at Show & Tell in my 1st & 2nd grade years. They were the younger siblings of my classmates. So eerie to see them all grown up.


Seeing my brother-in-law Larry caring for his daughter Reese.
Rylee, my niece falling asleep in my arms at the reception.
Mom’s best friend offering me wine as I sat w/ Rylee asleep in my arms.
One of the many bridesmaids pulling up my hair and putting ice on my neck while I sat w/ Rylee in my arms.
Eric for actually going to get the parents of Rylee so I could be free again after 15 mins of sweating 6 yr old glommed onto me int eh middle of the reception.
Running around like a madwoman being “my mom’s bitch” all weekend.
Wrapping 13 pairs of shoes and putting together gift bags w/ my sister and her maid of honor.
Talking to Bachelor 7:2007 (hereby named for future reference: Kerry) on the drive and seeing him after getting home from the wedding. Every so often it is so nice to be with a man who actually cares about me.
The car ride w/ Caitlin on the way to Lima w/ following my mom w/ Reese.
Getting to see so many of my crazy relatives and Brian and Sarah’s new baby.
All the extra baby time I spent w/ Reese and Morrigan before the wedding.
Walking my sister down the aisle.
Walking my mother back up the aisle.
Txting w/ Bachelor 3:2007 before the ceremony. HOT – thanks again if you read this.
Seeing my sister take her vows with the man she loves.
Being entirely not sober w/ my mother and the parents of the groom going to a dive bar near the reception site.
Watching my mother, the instigator sip on her drink while shouting at the mother of the groom to chug hers.
Eating pizza w/ Liz’s new in-laws at 2am.
Retiring to my room alone, to shower and relax w/ not a care in the world.
Rylee falling asleep on me while we were waiting to open presents the day after the wedding.

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