Nothing to even rant about

St Patrick's day was yesterday, and we drank & ate, and played. Overall it was a good time.

Today I finished a hat, tried fruitlessly to plan my week. I have a dozen things to do, but I can't actually do anything. My hair is getting dyed, fried, and swooped to the side tomorrow night.

I have to talk to my doc's ofc, cause she either wrote the script for my birth control pills wrong or the pharmacy filled it wrong - either way - it has got to get sorted out ASAP. I hate juggling pills based on $$$ issues - if I get them 1ce a month at the pharmacy here - it is a $10 copay per. If I get them in the mail it is a $20 copay per. However by mail I am eligible to get a 90 day supply at once - therefore $30 over 3 months drops to $20. Which is ideal - kinda, but they only sent 1 of a 30 day supply. Which means I have to call both parties and see where the hang up is & if it can be corrected w/o charging me an arm & a leg.

Again I can't do anything til tomorrow when the ofc opens. My brain is twitchy, and I'm hungering for something to do. I am casting & knitting, watching tv & movies, Oh, and cuddling the cats. They appreciate the attention. Hopefully this will be enough to recharge me for the crazy this week. YAY anemia. Less than 2 weeks to go til the EGD/colonoscopy & I can't wait, course it won't exactly solve any problems.

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