My raise

I found out what I am getting for my raise this year.

It is not enough to cover the increase in our health insurance.

It was less than I got last year.

There was no explanation given.

There was nothing in my review to hint at this. (in fact I received more "exceeds expectations" than ever before)

If I leave now and search for more $$$s elsewhere I will not be able to find as good health coverage.

The differences tween the $$ possibilities and the $$ I would have to dump into the my health care would still put me in the hole, for the health care.

In case you haven't been keeping score: I'm not entirely well: We're looking at a hysterectomy in the next few years. My EGD and colonoscopy are in less than 2 wks, and we have no idea what that will turn up.

What the FUCK.


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