Do you ever feel

Like everyone around you is carrying around in them a complete bullshit idea of you. Maybe it changes, maybe not so much.

Maybe one day there is conflict and these ideas of you come to the forefront. Maybe you aren't the person that everyone thought you were. And now they don't want you around anymore. Now that they see you for who you are.

Maybe not. Maybe you never find out. Maybe it just sits there until one day you have a conversation that forces them to step outside their ideas and ideals of you.

Maybe when it happens your relationship is over. Mabe you mourn that loss.
Maybe it just changes and your life changes and the next thing you know you are waking up next to someone you don't recognize and the person in mirror won't talk to you anymore.

Welcome to my worlds.


I&R said...

"...the person in mirror won't talk to you anymore." Happened to me the other day. I was looking in the mirror and I didn't see myself. The world looked different. Not like I expected at all. I told my wife and she said it was a window not a mirror.

I am not so sure.

Love you, miss you. Shaved yet? I&R

Jezcabelle said...

NO, but don't tell the new bachelors that - hehehehe
It is cold out - I need the extra warmth especially now that I am back to sleeping alone.