Happy Wolf Sex Day!!!

Go read here if u are unaware. I was enlightened years ago by my then heartthrob Cevan. His birthday is on 2/15 (Happy B-Day Cevan - I'm happy you are alive).

I am snowed in today and I will not be writing tomorrow so here we are early and all. I feel a lil lost waiting for the lil kittens to find me. I bought red roses yesterday for myself (cause they were super cheap and I couldn't resist). I'll be waiting for Saturday night to enjoy some booze at home here.

The snow was chest high in my parking lot and thigh high tween the drive and the street. With 5+ hours of shoveling I managed to get down it and back into the parking spot w/ the car and said "screw it". My boss was more than cool and I am working Fri and Sat to help them out and make up the hours for myself.

As I sit here I w/ good drugs in my system, Biofreeze working on my now aching muscles and trying to figure out how early I have to be up to get to Westlake tomorrow morning I am so very very happy I got groceries yesterday. MMMMmmmmm fresh bread and chocolate for tonight. There was a beautifully done episode of Red Shoe Diaries: The Cake about a girl in a frosting dress and tonight is a night I wish I was her. Oh and not alone.

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