Life is not all black & white...

I was on the phone w/ Matt (Bachelor #33: 2006) and we are talking about where to meet up for meet/greet. He then mentioned his smoking situation that's right he said, "situation". He asked if he had explained it to me yet. I responded that he hadn't. His explanation: he's a quitter, he now only smokes when he "goes out", when he is drinking, and when he is with other people who smoke. I started laughing and telling him he was a smoker. He got very upset with me. He asked if this meant I didn't want to meet him. I responded, "Yeah, that means I no longer have any intention of meeting you." I kept laughing as he tried to explain to me that "Not everything in life is black and white, you know...there is a lot of grey." I agreed that much in life is grey, but smoking is not one of those things. You smoke or you don't, if you do you are a smoker. And I do not knowingly allow smokers into my life, not as friends, certainly not as lovers. He didn't understand, so I expressed how disgusting it was to be in close quarters with a smoker when he is sweating and the nicotine is coming out of his pores, or kissing a smoker, like licking an ashtray - eeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww. It ended poorly, to say the least. Why do guys lie? If he had been upfront w/ the smokng thing it would have saved so much time. And conversely the concept that if he had kept his mouth shut - I would have smelled it on him and walked away anyway. Just sadassed.

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