He called me Jewish

WOW, I had a fantastic day yesterday: I went shopping. I don't mean like most random middle-age women mean "went shopping". I mean I woke up early, went to the eye doc's and picked up new contact lenses. My Doc Oc is right next to a wonderful grocery Nature's Bin, and I was able to score some fantastic produce (organic and local and fresh yumyum). I then went to the mall. I just hate saying that, and can't help a crazy valley girl accent when I do. I'd saved some gift certificate money and the clothing store I was heading to had supplied me w/ a 40% off coupon good for the entire store for this weekend only. I was happy 2ยบ to needing new pants for work and bras and undies and such. I go clothes shopping with a purpose about once a year, I try really hard to make the most of it. I ended up w/ about $400 worth of new clothing for about $37 out of my pocket in cash. I am pleased. I even ended up w/ a cute jacket to be pictured later.

I am proud of this lil adventure. When people on saturday night and sunday asked me what I'd done w/ the weekend that was the story I told. Some got it, some didn't, only one person called me Jewish. He didn't mean it in an especially bad way. He didn't mean it in an especially good way. I was offended. Not at being called Jewish, but at the concept that somehow someone had slipped thru the radar who believed that perpetuating stereotypes is an ok way to interact with me. Seriously, he (Christopher, Bachelor #32: 2006) thought that was ok, and followed it up by saying it didn't matter what he said about it because he is Catholic. He is in point of fact an ex-seminarian, a subject he had constantly brought up and insisted was a big deep dark secrety part of himself. He is of course gone now - on the various and asundry blocklists. I hate having to muck about w/ such things, but alas the search continues.


iravman said...

Love the blog.

Nevin said...

The part that confuses me is the "it's ok for me to say things about Jews, because I'm Catholic" thing. I should try that sometime: "Hey, it's ok for me to say that stuff about black people. After all, I AM white."