I work in a random office

Which is just like every office - ok - just like every outpatient physical therapy office. We had 14 pts today in our first 3 hours - mathkids are now going - well, that's only a little more than 4 pts an hour... well it is too damned many. 6 of them were new (read that as the fastest of them took about 15 mins to do their paperwork - the slowest took about 35 mins - which put him squarely into the next pt's timeslot) and therefore required more time from the therapist, and from me. I was still trying to get the paperwork/billing done from last Thurs/Fri. Did I mention I started the day at 7am and none of the paperwork that other people are supposed to do was started for Friday til after 10am. I then worked til 7pm. I'm just tired. And I don't want to cook. I want someone to show up here with food - and since that isn't going to happen, I am going to drool over Prison Break (Wentworth Miller) and go to sleep w/o supper. That's all.

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