The babies are coming, the babies are coming!!!

My friend Brenda is pregnant (YAY!!!) and new baby is on her way to joining the great wide world... (to the left) and I can't wait.

My sister is pregnant (YAY!!!) and that munchkin won't sit still long enough to let us know what sex he or she is. either way it'll be a wonderful addition to the family.

I love them both and I can't wait for the little ones to arrive (winter of 2006) to join the crazy extended family I am a part of.

Speaking of which: my favorite fake niece (my cousin's daughter) just started her senior year. I FEEL ANCIENT. - But she wsa raised well - I just received a postcard from her Scotland trip.

My favorite actual niece is perfect in every way and I'm going to be seeing her in a few more weeks so be prepared for the "SHE IS THE BRIGHTEST GIRL EVER" stories. I hate living so far from either of them.

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Anonymous said...

I lovums you and im suprised you got the post card already ~Caitlin