My life in chunks of time lately, sort of floating: A week ago last wednesday I was told by my employer that my services were no longer needed - 2 weeks earlier than we had planned. This gives me 3 weeks off between jobs: I cannot tell you how happy this has made me - to relax & breathe, to catch up on my heart & head, to de-stress. A friend was sexually assaulted by her landlord later that week, less than 10 hours later she was starting to process it. Less than 24 hours later we were moving her & her husband out. The move took 3 hours from the time we (brute squad of 13) showed up & announced our intentions to move them out until we had them moved into my house. In one week our motley household has solidified into a loving caring place of shared meals, shared chores, share annoyances, & shared farts. A week ago tomorrow my godmother took her last breath, in an instant, she was gone, in bed, alone. I drove 2.5 hours home last Saturday, sat through an hour long funeral - somehow restrained myself from killing the priest who chose to use her funeral service as a soapbox for being "authentic Christians" and general evangelism. I've heard my father give better funeral services for practical strangers. I drove the half hour to the cemetery, my godmother, a paternal aunt, is buried next to my father. It felt like every wound was being torn open again. Looking into the eyes of her children, the pain matching my own. Talking & hugging, caring for eachother. The very best parts of being family at the very worst of times.

There will be more, for now I'm gonna curl up in a ball.


Anonymous said...

OMG, Mindy was once at a baby's funeral where the minister decided that the baby's death would be "meaningful" if it turned someone towards Christianity.

She wanted to shove him in to the grave.

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