It was noted today by a friend turned coworker that she is having a hard time w/ the dissonance between my general attitude w/ life & my attitude @ work. "Where is the cynicism?"

I realized that I go out of my way at work to focus energy on the positive. There is so much out of my control, & I bitch about it, oh yes, I do, Hells I named a cocktail after one of my labs because they make me completely nutsy. BUT to my coworkers I try to just believe that issues will be handled. As I type this it strikes me why I am so positive @ work: It could be worse. It WAS worse, taking calls w/ nothing else to do all day was a nightmare. These days I finish my dailies & go begging for more work, I write up documentation & SOPs for myself & coworkers because we have none in place. It makes me a lil crazy but it could be worse.

Outside of work I trend to a realist view of the world around me. By & large I believe the world gets better one winter at a time but I know how bad it has gotten for me & I understand how very little is holding me from it getting bad again.


Alee said...

LOL. The S.O. told me about this blog post so I came to check it out.

I do appreciate you, cynical or no, and I relate very much to the "it could be worse" thing, because I too, have been at worse. Worse, horrible, way worse, spirit-crushing worse.

I'm just not used to the sunshine. It's kind of like seeing a little girl who never wears dresses don a ruffly frock, yes? ;)

JK, it's good on you.

Heart you!

Jezcabelle said...

I heart you & I totally understand - it has just become so second nature to be other than purely myself @ work. It really made me evaluate how I felt about wearing that ruffly frock.
So happy you are happy w/ us - miss you this week - Feel Better!

Indychick said...

OK, your readers don't know me...But, YOU know me. I think my CLOSE friends would be SHOCKED to see how upbeat, friendly & perky I am @ work. Just as my team members & co-managers would be shocked to see how more laid-back, funny & dirty minded I am outside of work. Not one person I know is the same person they are @ work as they are on personal time. Now, MAYBE my attitude @ work NOW is due to the fact that, compared to previous employment, I LOVE MY JOB! Last night, prior to the loss by Butler, I was WIRED, PUMPED, EXCITED & THRILLED to be in a position where I get PAID to keep all these guests satisfied. I grew up 1 block from Butler U & all of this was like a dream come true! The place was PACKED wall to wall w/ppl all rooting for the same team. BONUS: I had NBA PLAYERS come in & ASK for ME specifically to help find them a seat as they were foolish enough to arrive 2 minutes after tip-off. Fortunately, I had a table of Pacers season ticket agents who were more than happy to share their table. Although it was a tight squeeze, the players were grateful that I was able to find them a place where they could enjoy the game & not be hounded for autographs & such. On top of that, I got numerous thanks from the players. We talked about the last 3 games of the season coming up, the opportunity they have to move into 7th place if all goes well, & how PROUD I am of them as a season tix holder. We discussed the Butler game, the lousy shooting, the lack of foul calls, & the fantastic defense. Can my job get any better? Only if I end up as GM of Peyton Manning's sports bar when he decides to retire in 10 years...My point? Oh hell, I forgot my point...OH! Everyone is prone to have 2 different personalities: work & home. (In relation to the ruffly frock, the shock on their faces when I come to work after Easter service, wearing a dress, YOU can imagine) Being able to go home @ end of day & be with your friends & BE YOURSELF is what keeps you sane. I just wish my friends weren't so far away, it can get lonely here w/no one who REALLY knows you. Enough of my monthly rant...LOVE & MISS YOU!!!