Oh Marathon XXXV

How lucky I am to be here. I'm curled up down left as usual in the pit. Comfy on my air mattress. The walk over was better this year 2º to the lovely weather - since the last movie goes on at 0200 - which in Marathon time means 0400ish on Sunday morning the walk back looks to be not horrific as well.

Settling in this year there are more than a couple movies I haven't seen (shocker considering the lack of fundage for food let alone movies in the past 6 months).

#1 Terminator Salvation: I had not seen it - I liked that it followed T2 rather than acknowledging T3. I loved Christian bale though the role didn't exactly give him much to work with. I can't wait til he gets back to meaty roles. The guy from Avatar was in it (I did not know this walking into the movie) and his role was at least conflicted a bit - I dislike him less now, still not attracted to him but less dislike. Of special note - I dug Moon Bloodgood in this film. But overall it was an action flick. not a whole lot more.

#2 Moon: I admittedly do not love sam Rockwell, he pretty much WAS this movie. I dug Kevin Spacey's voice work - but then I do love him. I fell asleep thru bits & pieces, but overall not a bad movie. I dug on some of the end bits. It was interesting, I might consider sitting through it again.

#3 Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy: Must I explain my undying love for Douglas Adams & all things associated with him? - I enjoyed it in the Marathon atmosphere. The more I see him in it the more Martin Freeman as Arthur Dent reminds me of a very special guy in my life. I spent much of the movie missing him & blushing.

#4 Surprise #1 Bill & Ted Go To Hell: yes yes - I was up to see George Carlin @ the beginning & then slept til "God Gave Rock & Roll to you". No dreams, just sleep.

#5 Der schweigende Stern - First Spaceship on Venus: Dubbed oldie scifi film ripe for the stylins of the MST3K kids in the marathon crowd.

More later as things progress - I've put the meatballs on to slow cook & in 6-8 hours there will be hot tasty food.

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