More marathoning

#6 Independence Day: Ahhhh ID4 - I clearly remember watching this at the Drive In w/ Sarah in college. Today, of course I slept through a lot of it - I cheered when Will Smith punched the alien & Data showed up but that was about it.

#7 Moonraker: funfun up for a lot of it - I do like a decent Bond film. but that was pretty much all this was to me.

#8 Close Encounters of the Third Kind: was as enjoyable as always - nothing of great significance except the reminder of how many things are more fun than Goofy Golf.

#9 The Adventures of Baron Munchausen: Joi - pure joi loves the Terry Gilliam & the Oliver Reed was fantastic. OK I have a thing for Oliver Reed, you knew that. I really enjoyed it.

#10 Short Circuit: bad jokes, worse than the audience for a change. which is more than a lil shocking - I remember watching this as a kid but I'm not a huge fan by any means.

#11 Surprise #2 WALL-E: Oi I don't care for this movie. Watching it here isn't going to change that. It just is what it is. It is starting now.

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Indychick said...

While you were enjoying the 2nd wave of your marathon, I was getting ready (read:counting inventory)for an action packed game @ LOS. I'm really bummed that Jets beat Chargers. I was REALLY looking forward to Rivers having to come play in OUR HOUSE, against our HEALTHY D. I really wanted to see Freeney knock that smirk right off his cocky little face! Now we are forced to listen to why the Jets are the chosen team, Cinderella team, whatever team, bring it on, bitches. No way Colts are losing this game...Not in our house...

Your readers in the Land of Cleve can appreciate that Indy was playing Baltimore. They hate us B/C we "stole" their team. Yet they don't acknowledge the fact that their team was stolen from Cleveland?? Bunch of Douche-bags. Best sign of the day? "Welcome Baltimore Browns Fans!! Thanks for your money & enjoy the off-season!"

OK, enough about football, sorry. I laughed out loud when reading about ID4. I also remember the night we got Amy in for free on her 22nd birthday & passed her as a 12 yr old! I really miss the Drive-in, we don't have any near Indy. What a value, especially when charged by the car & we had a 85 Chevy WAGON.

God are we OLD! It was brought to my attention around Xmas that I graduated from COLLEGE 10 FREAKING YEARS AGO!

Hope your new job is going well.
Love you