Job starts Monday

Time to sort a new direction for my life - I'm open to ideas.
I'm processing what I've survived so far. I feel a lot - no words to put to all of it yet. I'm sure I'll get there - then you will be stuck reading my ranting madness once again.

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Indychick said...

You should move to Indy (if only for a limited time if you wish)

We have great hospitals that I'm sure need outstanding massage therapists, especially the one that treats the Colts. I don't smoke in the house, & I have begun quitting anyway. But mainly b/c I'm selfish & my roommates will be moving back to Hilton Head soon & I don't have many friends down here. Then we can go on vaca to HH & not have to pay for a hotel (since it's my little bro) But you can take your time finding a job that fits you & not have to worry about rent until you do. My house is no more than 30 minutes from anywhere in the city, and only 2.5 hours from your Mom's house.

There is the cat thing though...Hmmmm, I forgot about that...Oh, well, make it a backup plan then, if you can't come up with anything else, the offer is always there.

Sometimes when life kicks your ass, you have to kick it back with something new & unexpected. Love you.